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Shampoo for Fine Thinning Hair - 200ml

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Although very mild this shampoo is designed for fine oily hair, moisture protection ingredients are utilised. This shampoo has a very deep cleansing result and helps to give body to fine hair without compromising its anti-tangling action. The shampoo is fully pH balanced, orange and lemon oils to BP standards are included and sulphur polythionates. The shampoo is mildly antiseptic, keratoplastic (skin softening), anti-gragillitic (slowing oiliness). It is of course non-toxic and non-irritant. Whilst no medical therapeutic claims are made it is particularly safe for use where seborrhoeic conditions exist (disorders of the oil glands) including seborrhoeic eczema. As with all of our shampoos frequent shampooing is recommended followed by the appropriate conditioner to suit the hair texture. Fine or oily hair is frequently found to be dry and splitting on the free ends.